Peerro is a social media platform that draws users into an educational community that is fun and interactive.

By accessing a Peerro community through a mobile or desktop app, students are engaged in a variety of activities that give them an opportunity to complete tasks and receive points. The points earned through gaming are then linked to incentives and opportunities. For example, in some programs, students can use their points to buy gift cards, iTunes music and apps, and other products. Or, students may accumulate points to apply for summer employment, internships, scholarships and even jobs.

Peerro helps organizations increase productivity, improve interpersonal communication, raise morale and ultimately increase overall achievement.

Organization–The entity that hosts a community of Peerro users, bringing together students or workers with mentors, creating a system of tasks that are aligned with objectives, and providing incentives and opportunities for completing those tasks. An organization may be a school or university, a non-profit social services agency, a corporation or an industry association.

Community–The social network of students, workers, mentors and administrators accessing Peerro under the auspices of an organization to meet learning and social objectives.

Partners–A combination of educational and corporate or industrial organizations to create communities that are aligned with the goals of all partners.

Mentors–People who are knowledgeable in a specific area who are assigned to help guide a student or worker through the tasks they access through the Peerro app. Mentors can be teachers, parents, coaches or college students who assist high school students; veteran employees who assist new hires; industry experts who work with college or high school students; and more.

Peerro creates opportunities for educational and non-profit organizations to connect with corporate and industry organizations to create communities that develop job readiness.

For example, a high school math teacher recommends that a student become part of a Peerro community hosted by Cleveland State University in partnership with Walgreens. The student is assigned an online mentor–for example, someone already in a college pharmacy program–and begins to explore a career path in pharmacy through tasks and activities. As the student completes tasks and accumulates points he earns an opportunity to apply for a paid internship with Walgreens. The student graduates from high school, and is able to attend college and pharmacy school, thanks in part to scholarships earned through his activity on Peerro.

The Peerro platform offers end-to-end accountability. Students are able to measure their progress and compare themselves with the community at large. Likewise, members of the community are able to connect with each other to complete team tasks that result in points. Mentors are able to follow the progress of their students. And the organizational administrators have complete visibility about the effectiveness of the program both in terms of students, as well as mentors, in achieving the organizations objectives.

Contact info:

The Peerro platform is available for use on multiple levels of education and industry. Organizations interested in creating a program on the Peerro platform can get more information by contacting:

Dr. Rachel M. Angel, President
11470 Euclid Avenue #603
Cleveland, Ohio 44106